2 Year Warranty

1. Private persons can present their claims in relation to the purchased goods during 24 months time starting from the date the product has been handed over to the client. Legal persons can present their claims during time defined by the product manufacturer.

2. During the reclamation period the consumer can demand a free repair of defective goods. Should the malfunction be caused by manufacturer’s fault, the cost of all manufacturing defects as well as work time and the cost of spare parts are covered.

3. Claims can only be presented based on the original document certifying the purchase.

4. The right to present claims does not apply to product tutorials, adjustments, cleaning, marketable condition recovery, as well as the elimination of defects caused by failure to observe the rules of usage.

5. The right to present claims does not apply to damage caused during transportation after the goods have been handed over to the buyer.

NB! Warranty Conditions for Business Clients (non consumer)

Based on the best interest of the Business Client, in case when defects occur in purchased products, xiaomiofficial (further Seller) offers Business Client more favorable warranty conditions in comparison with the provisions of the law. When defects occur in purchased products, Business Client has the right within 12 months starting from the moment of purchase of products to demand product repair, relying on the following terms and conditions:

1. When defects occur in products that were bought in Seller’s store or in a web environment then xiaomiofficial undertakes to eliminate them at his own expense if:

1. Business Client informs the Seller about product defects in writing by sending a letter to the e-mail address info@xiaomiofficial.ee and/or appeals with defective product to the Seller’s representation or to a Seller-managed partner who provides technical maintenance.
2. When transferring a defective product Business Client provides product purchase document (for example, an invoice or cash receipt). When if during the transfer was not issued a separate document it is expected that the product was transferred when issuing a purchase document.
3. When product defect occurs Business Client must immediately end use of the product and apply to the Seller. Defective product must be delivered to the Seller as soon as possible but not later than one month after the occurrence of a defect. 4. To obtain Business Client warranty rights it is necessary to submit a purchase document (for example, an invoice or cash receipt).

2. The Seller has the right to refuse from eliminating the product defect if:

1. Initially installed or printed on the product or its parts serial number, check sticker or marking sticker are being damaged, deleted or replaced.
2. The defect of the product is caused due to normal wearout by the intended use of the product.
3. The defect of the product is caused due to a wearout of wearable accessories, parts of the product, subjected to a periodic replacement during the operational period of the product (such as conventional batteries, accumulators, printer cartridges, mandrels, bulbs etc.).

4. Product defect (as a rule for electronics) after its transfer is caused due to software installed or the influence of additional accessories connected to the product.
5. The product was not used purposefully, and the usual care responsibilities were not carried out.
6. The claim affects training in use of the product, adjustment, service, cleaning, restoration of marketable condition.
7. Product defect was caused due to mechanical damage or other external factors (including thunderstorm, excessive or insufficient voltage, voltage fluctuations, high humidity or liquid damage, too high or low temperature or other clearly unacceptable environmental conditions).

8. The product stopped its work due to a fault of Business Client as a result of misuse, non-observance of usage guide regulations or in case of defect emergence if stored incorrectly or when overloading.
9. The product was repaired earlier or there was a repair attempt carried out by a person unauthorized or unskilled for this purpose or an existing product defect appeared earlier than 30 days before his submission to the representation of the Seller.
10. The claim is presented to product defect which was fixated during the moment of sale.